When you think of Texas cuisine – what comes to mind? Most go straight to barbecue. Brisket, potato salad, ribs, and smoked sausage to name a few (all delicious and rightfully associated with Texas). You think of restaurants like Katy vibes: real food, real entertainment, and good times are guaranteed there! “Proper” food as some people call it. Yet, in a city like Houston (fourth-largest in the country, most ethnically diverse, and perfectly positioned near the Gulf of Mexico) the palate goes beyond smoked meats.

Houston Black Restaurant Week (BRW) was started in 2016 as a way to acknowledge, honor, and showcase the Black restaurant scene in Houston. In its inaugural year, BRW generated over $50,000 back into the Houston economy, helped raise over $6,000 dollars for Change Happens, a local non-profit, and gave a much deserving platform to some of the best Black culinary minds in the city.

Why Houston?

What makes Houston’s culinary scene so unique? As Beyoncé said best, many Black Houstonians have roots in more rural parts of Texas, Louisiana, and other Deep South states such as Alabama, Mississippi, etc. This “mix” of Creole, Deep South traditions, and Texas’ Western roots make for a culinary scene as rich and diverse as Black culture itself. Also, Houston is a melting pot for the entire African diaspora, with large numbers of African and Caribbean residents – all bringing their unique flavors and spices to the Bayou City. It’s a great place to visit even without the unique cuisine. There are plenty of things to do in and around Houston and I have to say, I had a great time here. I chose to use an RV Rental Houston for my accommodation and it was great fun! If you ever get the chance to visit Houston, I highly recommend that you do.

With its rich culinary scene, it is no surprise that so many people choose to live in Texas. Furthermore, with real estate in the South booming, it seems that more and more people are deciding to invest in foreclosed properties on real estate websites such as Auction.com so that they can set down roots of their own in Texas. And who can blame them? Texas is an amazing place to live, and there are so many different types of properties on offer that there really is something for everyone.

A Unique Experience

Inspired by a successful launch, BRW is back and expanding its events and reach. The full BRW series will run April 17-30. However, one exciting new feature this year is the Weekender Pass. The pass, which runs from Thursday, April 20 – Sunday, April 23, will allow you to experience the full spectrum of Houston’s Black culinary scene and unique culture through a weekend-long series of curated events and dining.

Houston Black Restaurant Weekender Pass

Dates: April 20-23

Price: $125

Purchase Pass
Victoria Graham

Victoria Graham is a Houston – based urban education advocate by day, and Blackish Mom by night. When she is not empowering families to become advocates for their students’ academic success, she is writing at The Blackish Mom blog, providing an authentic voice for Black millennial moms. Join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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