Superbowl weekend is coming up and many sports fans are set to hit Houston, all pumped up and ready to cheer on their favorite team in the big final. The tickets always sell fast and lucky people manage to get tickets to it from a sports ticket broker while others aren’t so fortunate and will have to watch it from home.

All of these fans are there to let their hair down so they’re not afraid to spend money. They’re finding nice places to eat, looking for the best super bowl betting odds and things to do in their spare time. This is why the Superbowl is always a great time for local businesses around the stadium it’s being held at. All these new fans are there to stay for the whole weekend so they’re going to have to eat! If you’re visiting Houston during Superbowl Weekend don’t forget to check out the super flavor the city has to offer when it comes to dining. Our handy guide of black owned restaurants in Houston will support your efforts to taste everything the city has to offer.

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