MMA Betting Types

mma betting

If you’re into MMA, you’ve probably heard about the many types of bets available in the ring. Over/Under, Moneyline, Parlay, and the like are all popular options for bettors to consider. Here’s a breakdown of how each one differs from the others. Learn how to make smart decisions with your MMA betting money and enjoy betting on the hottest MMA bouts of the year!


If you like to bet on the outcome of mixed martial arts fights, you’ve probably come across MMMA betting over/under round totals. These bets are the newest way to make a prediction about the length of a fight. In MMA, round length varies depending on the style of the fighter. For instance, if fighter A is a pound-for-pound aggressive fighter, the over bet will likely pay out if the fight lasts five rounds.


If you’re looking for a straightforward way to bet on an MMA fight, you might consider using the Moneyline in MMA betting. You can find the moneyline on most sportsbooks, including local bookies, and this is the easiest way to place your bet. However, you should remember that betting on favorites is not always a good idea. In most cases, betting on the favorites will cost you more money than you win, so only bet on them if the odds make sense.


If you’re a fan of MMA and betting, you’ve probably heard of parlays. Parlays are wagers that pair more than one selection. Often, they can yield higher payouts. For example, you can bet on two different MMA fighters to meet in the ring in one fight. Parlays can be risky, though, since the total amount of money at stake is higher. Therefore, you should split your bankroll into several smaller wagers to maximize your profits.

Over/Under on number of takedowns

If you are looking for a way to make money from MMA, you can bet on Over/Under on the number of takedowns during a fight. A moneyline bet is a bet that has positive odds on the least likely outcome, and negative odds on the most likely outcome. There are several factors to consider when betting on this type of bet. If you are looking for a simple way to make money off of MMA, you can bet on the number of takedowns in the UFC 147 match.


If you enjoy boxing, you’ll want to learn more about method-of-victory in MMA betting. In MMA betting, you’ll choose how you think a match will end, so you can place bets accordingly. Most fights last three rounds, though some can go as long as five. Typically, a fight ends when one competitor has been knocked out or taps out. In very rare instances, a fight may be disqualified, however.